No matter how hard they try to divide us, they will fail

sajid javid

Over the past few years I’ve become all too familiar with barbaric acts of terrorism aimed at the innocent. We all have. But I never expected to see one taking place right outside my office window.

On Wednesday afternoon, that’s exactly what happened. Yet while the murderer who attacked the heart of our democracy succeeded in bringing death and destruction, he did not bring terror. He did not bring fear. And he did not bring division.

Instead, he showed just how united our nation is and how we refuse to allow terrorists to undermine the values that make this country great.

When I looked outside I saw two teams of paramedics fighting equally hard to save the lives of a brave police officer and the coward who murdered him. I saw police officers giving aid to the man who had just attacked one of their own. I saw men and women responding to an act of hatred with professionalism and compassion.

My colleague Tobias Ellwood MP, a man who knows all too well the human impact of terrorism, did not think twice before dashing forward in a bid to save a life.

Now, it falls to the all of us to continue that spirit of defiance. To show that we are not and will not be divided. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, where your parents were born or what god, if any, you worship. In this country we are all part of one society, one community.

Half a century ago, my parents came to this country from Pakistan precisely because of those values. Like the vast majority of immigrants and the vast majority of Muslims they accepted that these rights and freedoms could only exist for them if they existed for everyone. And, like the vast majority of immigrants and the vast majority of Muslims, they raised their children to believe that these values had to be defended.

That’s why my younger brother is proud to serve his country as a police officer. That’s why I’m proud to be a member of the cabinet. Because the Muslim values we were raised to believe in are the same British values supported by tens of millions of people in this country.

In the days and weeks ahead I have no doubt that some will try to exploit this tragedy, attempting to drive a wedge between us in order to further their cause. If we allow them to do so, then we are doing the terrorists’ work for them. They want our great, British community to turn on itself. Instead, we must stand together and fight our common enemy.

At 9.30 yesterday morning the ring of the division bell signalled that the day’s business was beginning. But it also sent a signal to the wider world that the work of our democracy continued, stronger than ever. And that, no matter how hard the terrorists try to divide us, they will fail.

Sajid Javid is secretary of state for communities and local government


CoDF is very happy to announce the wonderful news that two of our founding Directors have received Queens Honours.  Sri Dr. Natubhai Shah, MBBS, PhD  is honoured with MBE and Sri Yann Lovelock with BEM.  It is a well-deserved recognition for both of them for their over 30 to 40 years of dedicated service to the communities and Interfaith.  We congratulate both of them and wish them all the success.

Dr. Natubhai Shah, MBBS, Ph.D

Yann Lovelock 
Yann Lovelock co-founded the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Organisation in 1984


Sunday 22 April 2012
Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh Ji has been created a Knight of the Pontifical Order of Pope St Gregory the Great by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI


One of the CoDF founding directors Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh ji from GNNSJ, of Birmingham being awarded a knighthood from the Roman Catholic church for his outstanding work in world religions and Interfaith diversity.  Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh Ji has been created a Knight of the Pontifical Order of Pope St Gregory the Great by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in recognition of his dedicated work to Roman Catholic Sikh relations and for his enthusiastic commitment to working for peace among people of all faith.




Sunday 20th November 2011

The Council of Dharmic Faiths held a fantastic programme of dance and music from various faiths at the Jain Centre in Colindale.